Robert and Cheyenne met in California and have been married for 13 years. Robert grew up in Iowa and when he was 13 he and his family moved to Kenya to be missionaries. Since then, missions has also been a large part of his life and even his career, working as a photographer and graphic designer at TEAM. In January 2014, Robert covered a story about the literacy program for TEAM and after that he knew that God was calling them back to this project. 

Cheyenne has had a love for missions since she was a teenager. She read books by missionaries and served on many mission trips while in college. While in Chad, she is excited about teaching a kindergarten class of missionary kids, and watching them flourish in their learning. Cheyenne is also excited about fulfilling a lifelong dream of continuing to create a home with a broad worldview--wholly focused on Christ--for their three kids. 


Shiloh is turning 13 and entering 8th grade! She loves music and hanging out with her friends. While in Chad, she braved Arabic lessons and has fond memories of playing "frisbee" with the kids in the desert.

Huck is turning 9 and entering 3rd grade! Anytime you say Chad, wandering in the desert and playing with knives you immediately get Huck's attention. He remembers the great time that he had playing with other missionary kids and is excited to return to Chad.

Weslee is turning 4! She thinks about the friends that she has in Chad and is just happy to go along for the ride--even if that means going back to Chad. 


ToGETHER WE CAN accomplish this ministry in Chad.
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