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In a mud brick room, the expanse of the Sahara desert as a backdrop, you can hear the voices of children echoing off the tin roof. It’s a sound absent just two short years ago, a sound that is changing the future—kids, girls and boys, are reading books in their tribal language, Dazaga!

Sitting hunched over the brightly colored pages describing insects, animals, and reptiles as they point, laugh and gasp . . . understanding 100% of what they are learning. The youngest generation of an oral-language cultural is finally learning to read and write in their heart language.

It’s a new chapter for rural education in Chad. “This is like liberation—you’re setting us free. We’re not dependent on French any more. We’re not dependent on Arabic. All of a sudden we can write our language!” 

Literacy changes everything. Literacy and education bring freedom. Your gift today will help to provide books for children learning to read and write in Dazaga. How many books will you provide today?


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