Together, Cheyenne and Robert are going to be engaging in education work in the country of Chad. Cheyenne will specifically be partnering with missionaries living in Chad to provide a quality Kindergarten experience and a nurturing classroom environment for their dear children. Robert will be working with an emerging literacy program, designing children's books in the Dazaga language. These books will be used by children all over northern Chad who are breaking out of the disadvantages of illiteracy and opening up endless opportunities for their future.


The North Kanem School

In you want to start a literacy movement, you have to have books! Together with Chadian nationals and missionaries, Robert will be designing books in the Dazaga language. Because of the success of the North Kanem School, more villages are requesting local school, and with each school year, new grades are added. The need is great to provide quality reading material for these kids learning to read and write in their tribal language--for the first time in their history!

Kindergarten Class

When missionaries commit to go to a foreign country, one of their biggest concerns is usually how their kids will be educated. Cheyenne will provide an amazing Kindergarten experience for these dear missionary kids in Chad. Over the next year they will build a strong foundation for learning by learning the basics from math to science, handwriting to phonics . . . preparing for their future success in education.

We need your partnership to see these ministries thrive in Chad!